World of Warcraft’s second hero class goes live this week, and there’s a lot more to Illidan Stormrage’s elite Demon Hunters than meets the blindfold. Sometimes they can triple jump. Blizzard’s Demon Hunter developer preview will tell you all about them.

The MMORPGs second hero class starts life at level 98 some ten years before the events of the Legion expansion. Prior to his defeat at the end of the Burning Crusade expansion, Illidan sent his elite squad of Demon Hunters through a portal to the Legion world of Mardum. There they triumphantly gain two levels, after which they return home to 10 years of imprisonment at the hands of the Wardens. They rot there until the demons start invading again, at which point the Wardens are all, “Do we have anything that can hunt demons? Oh wait, remember those guys?”

Players who’ve already purchased the Legion expansion pack can become those guys on Tuesday, August 9.


A Demon Hunter’s life isn’t easy. Not only do they have to choose between tanking or damage-dealing roles, they constantly struggle to maintain a balance between the inky blackness in their soul and their former selves. The conflict transforms them into twisted beasts, at which point they all go out to Goth Night at the Masquerade, where they smoke cloves and sulk.

I might be explaining this badly. Or perfectly. Perhaps I am just upset that Gnomes can’t be Demon Hunters. You should probably just watch the video.

I actually love the dashing and jumping. Always been a big fan of more mobile MMORPG classes. They’re just so . . . Elvish. I guess I’ll give one a try on Tuesday.