What's Ubisoft's Biggest-Selling Franchise?

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HINT: It's not Splinter Cell. Not Rainbow Six either. Or Prince of Persia. No, when you look at the list Ubisoft released yesterday, showing the total lifetime sales of its major franchises, you'd best brace yourself for a surprise or two. Because atop the chart, beating out all Ubisoft's current AAA series, is France's favourite limbless platforming hero, Rayman, with 22 million copies sold (they have to be counting the Raving Rabbids games in that). Slightly shocking, no? But wait. That's only surprise #1. Surprise #2? How about Petz games selling more than Prince of Persia titles.


According to GI.biz, these are the total lifetime numbers sold as of this month:

Rayman: 22 million

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: 20 million

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: 19 million

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: 16 million

Driver: 14 million

Petz: 13 million

Prince of Persia: 11 million

The Settlers: 7 million

Assassin's Creed: 6 million

Brothers in Arms: 5 million

Imagine: 4 million

Far Cry: 4 million

Red Steel: 1 million

Tom Clancy series tops 55 million units sold [GI.biz]

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Luke Plunkett

@Magnum1024k: Less, obviously. They're counting games that sold over a million, not games with sequels (only one Red Steel, after all)