What's The Most Expensive Game We Saw In Akihabara?

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Believe it or not, it's not that copy of The Simpsons: Virtual Bart with the giant 62,790 yen price tag. That particular Sega Genesis (read: Mega Drive) game is a mere $600 and change in U.S. dollars; it's the Japanese copy of Maximum Carnage, at right, another batch of licensed Acclaim schlock that was going for an astounding 98,000 yen at Akihabara's retro gaming den Super Potato. No, that's not a misplaced decimal point, Super Potato is asking just shy of $950 USD for the 16-bit game, outpricing new copies of Space Invaders and Waterworld for the Virtual Boy. Frankly, we don't get it. And we kind of stopped looking at prices after having our world rocked by second-hand gaming sticker shock. But if you want to know where you can drop a grand on a copy of Maximum Carnage, now you know. Super Potato.

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Super Potato is known for stuff like that.

Those old cartridges will sit there for a long long time 'till someone crazy enough (collectors) buys it... or 'till it really becomes this expensive.