Kristin Kreuk is playing Chun-Li in the upcoming Street Fighter movie. With the movie nearing release, she's stuck on promotional press junkets. Today, she speaks with Famitsu about the difference between her and Chun-Li.

"I think the most obvious differences lie in the physical appearance of the character", she says in a video interview (link below). "I dont' look like Chun-Li physically...I just...don't", she continues, as she gestures - perhaps out of frustration, perhaps out of longing - at her slender frame.

It's OK, Kristen. Don't be angry with your tiny thighs. Few women are blessed with those as mighty as those Chun Li can boast. Don't feel bad.

And she doesn't! Instead, she revels in her role as the prettiest Chun-Li to date, combining the Famitsu interview with a Chun-Li-themed Famitsu fashion shoot that's about as threatening and violent as a puppy eating a cold bowl of porridge.


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