What's the Deal With All These German Cyborgs?

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One game featuring a German with extendable robot arms is a thing. Two is a coincidence. But three? All starring in games developed by Japanese studios? OK, three is a pattern.

This post over on GameWTFs, highlighting ten cyborgs starring in Super Nintendo games, contains not one, not two, but three Germans with robot arms.


The first is probably the most famous: Brocken, from World Heroes. The second is Helmut from Street Combat. Note that both of these guys are about as Nazi as you can get (though Helmet may be a full-blown robot. Hrm.)


The third and final one is K's from Tuff E Nuff, a game you may remember more for its box art than the game itself. While he's no Nazi, he is still very German, and has some very long robot arms.

Thus concludes today's introduction to "Germans with robot limbs in fighting games from the early 90s".


Who are the Cyborgs in your Super Nintendo Neighborhood? [GameWTFs, via VGJunk]

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