Rare are the opportunities for Dungeons & Dragons fans to geek out about their favorite character. It’s like explaining your dream to someone. A few seconds in, your poor non-D&D-playing friend’s eyes glaze over in a bored daze.

Really, who can blame them? Unlike Fire Emblem’s cast, your character is yours from top to bottom. If anything, telling someone about your favorite PC is a lot like telling someone about who you are. For example, I tend to play chaotic/neutral magic-users who probably do not care about lighting a whole dry field on fire as long as there’s an enemy there. (People who play D&D with me have found this unsavory.)

But here at Kotaku, we have carved out a space for you to talk about your D&D character of choice. And I’m not talkin’ about your dwarvan fighter. Tell us about your craziest, weirdest and most original character you’ve ever made in the comments.