What's Taito Bringing To TGS?

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We know what Square Enix is bringing to this year's Tokyo Game Show. The Japanese publisher is armed with some big guns — Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Quest IX and Star Ocean: The Last Hope — one of which will actually be playable. But what about its little subsidiary, Taito? It makes games too! While Taito's offerings aren't the stuff of attention grabbing headlines and long queues, it has a few tricks up its sleeve; Gardening Mama for the Nintendo DS for one, giving "Mama" something to occupy her time between meals in Cooking Mama 2 for the Wii. There's also Space Puzzle Bobble, which you'll find me hunched over at the Makuhari Messe this year. Get excited... on a very small scale. Taito TGS 2008 [Taito via DS Fanboy]


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I can't wait for cleaning mama.