What's Next For Free Realms?

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With insane amounts of people flocking to Free Realms, what does Sony Online Entertainment have planned to keep them all occupied? I probed Senior Producer Andrew Sites and PR specialist Ryan Peters for answers.


Those soccer fields scattered about the map aren't just there for show. Well, I suppose they are for now, but that will change once SOE implements soccer in the game. Soccer will most likely be a new job class, and it could be one of many.

New Jobs
SOE PR specialist Ryan Peters either didn't have much information or was being elusive when I asked him about increasing level caps on existing job classes, instead asking me to consider another alternative - adding new classes to master. Jobs like soccer player, for instance.


Racing Progression
SOE will be upgrading the racing and destruction derby sections of the game on a grand scale, unlocking progression for those jobs and eventually allowing players to show off their racing machines in their very own garage, which leads directly to...

Player Housing
Coming very late this year or possible later in the next, Free Realms players will be able to purchase their own little home areas with a number of spots to put down buildings. You'll be able to place your house, a garden, the aforementioned garage, and more. Use it as a base of operations, or invite your friends over to dance emote the night away.

It's probably safe to assume there will be much more as well. No one could tell me if the elves mentioned in the Northern portion of the game world would be making their way back any time soon, but I've a feeling they'll come one day, becoming a third racial choice for the game. Once again, no confirmation from SOE...it's just a feeling.

Sony Online Entertainment currently posts news about upcoming updates and game pages on the Free Realms forums, which no one reads, but soon they'll be modifying the launcher to provide updates when you log in, rendering posts like this one useless, but until then...here you go.

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This is my guilty pleasure since quitting WoW. :[