Every Skylander character released so far has been remastered in HD. We're visiting a region of the Skylands we've never seen before. We meet Kaos' evil mom. So many new features are coming in Skylanders: Swap Force, some almost exciting as the ability to jump.


I'm a little fixated on Swap Force's jumping mechanic. That's because the first two console games did not allow players to escape the pull of gravity, even for a moment. Spyro's Adventure and Giants were entertaining enough, but the series was screaming platformer, and there were no true platforming to be had.

So yeah, while others are excited about tons of new mini-games, next-generation graphics on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the opportunity to spend hundreds of dollars on more toys, I'm all about the vertical leap, yo.


Skylanders: Swap Force comes out next month on all the older things but Vita, and November for the newer things.

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