Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is officially available as of today. But if you haven't touched the beta or purchased the game retail, feel free to get familiar with some of the old school maps and new(ish) school modes right here.

This video gives you a glimpse at what the first-person shooting action in CS: GO is like, game skills courtesy of our own Chris Person. It's not unlike Valve's immensely popular Source, full of tightly wound maps and Counter-Terrorist versus Terrorist objectives (plant the bomb, defuse the bomb, save the hostages, kill your opponents as much as you can).

The video features a glance at the Bank and Dust maps. We'll have more on the new Arms Race mode, modeled after the Gun Game mod for Counter-Strike: Source that rewards kills with a new weapon later.

Oh, and, for Chris's sake: keep in mind this was his first time playing GO. And it's been years since either of us played Source.