What's More Exciting Than Overwatch? More Overwatch Animation.

Yannick might be quite fond of Overwatch, but I wasn’t charmed by an online shooter. I was charmed by a beautifully animated trailer. As this storyboard animation reel from BlizzCon demonstrates, there’s a lot more animation on the way.

During yesterday’s World of Overwatch panel at BlizzCon, Chris Metzen and crew talked about how a developer with a strong reputation for building stories would inject narrative into an online shooter like Overwatch. Sure the stages will tell stories, and the character backgrounds—the stuff that’s going to be included in a book with the collector’s edition of the game—but the real meat is going to be in a series of animated shorts.

Visual effects supervisor Jeff Chamberlain took the stage later in the panel to show off a show reel showing off what’s to come from Overwatch animation. Mind the choppiness.

I was a little worried the game wouldn’t live up to that initial animated trailer. Now it doesn’t really have to. As long as Blizzard has more Overwatch animation on the way, I am good.


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Chris Parrish

I sense full on animated cartoon’s coming not just the shorts that they have planned along with a full animated movie.

Neither of which I mind as long as they get Blizzards inhouse team to do them and don’t outsource it.