What glorious treats were hidden within the depths of the gift bag handed out at NCsoft's Aion launch party at the Space Needle in Seattle yesterday evening?

Though technically more of an open beta launch party, NCsoft's soirée held atop Seattle's landmark Space Needle was full of good food, a bit of excitement, and a bit of science. The excitement came when someone who works for Kotaku but wasn't attending the show on official business walked away with a Razer gaming keyboard during the raffle. I won't say who it was, but I completely envy her.

The science came by way of the two drink tickets I received at the door. It takes a heavy application of scientific principles generally formant following high school in order to figure out how best to get drunk using only two drinks. Thanks to my extremely low alcohol tolerance and the doctorate in beverage science that I do not possess, I succeeded readily.

On the way out of the party I was handed a lovely nylon gift bag, which would have been cool enough on its own, but this one had stuff in it! Glorious stuff.

Behold the bag.


Oh look, another Aion preorder disc. One can never have too many.

The best of the bunch right here. This is an iron-finished version of the Aiva figure that is being included in the collector's edition of Aion when it's released later this month. It's covered in a plastic bag, but it's still lovely.


Aion gives the Space Needle wings! Hooray for t-shirts!


PB&J Gamer Grub. It's actually not that bad, though my taste buds can hardly be trusted at this point. Perhaps they should rebrand it as 'You'll Eat Anything When You're Slightly Drunk".
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Remember the limited WildStorm Aion comic book we mentioned earlier this week? Here it is.


And a Mana Potion energy shot. This is exactly what you do not need before returning to your hotel to go to sleep.