What's Holding Up Trine On The PSN?

PC platformer/puzzler Trine has long been coming for the PS3, but never actually arrived. What's taking it so long?

Like Lando, Lauri Hyvärinen, CEO of developers Fronzenbyte, has told GameSetWatch that it's not his fault. It's not his fault! It's just something that happens when you leave a game with free-form physics in the hands of console Q&A testers.

With Trine, there have been a few small bugs that we had to fix, and the testing process itself has taken quite some time, as Trine isn't the easiest game to test due to the physics and unlimited gameplay possibilities. I think we are waiting for the PSN release just as much as gamers out there, it is our first console game after all and it's going to be very exciting to see it available on PSN… the wait is killing me too!


Killing you, killing them, killing me...well, not me, I've got it on PC. But I acknowledge there's killing being done, and that many aren't happy about it.

Talking Trine with Frozenbyte [GameSetWatch]

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