What's Holding Up Final Fantasy XIV For Xbox 360?

Final Fantasy XIV has only been officially announced for the PlayStation 3 and PC, but don't rule out an Xbox 360 version. Square Enix isn't. After all, Final Fantasy XI found its way to the Xbox.

Hiromuchi Tanaka, producer on FF XIV says that the roadblock in bringing the massively multiplayer game to Xbox Live is due to Microsoft's "network policy." Since the PlayStation 3 and Windows PC versions allow for cross communication and cross platform play, it sounds like that feature is at issue.


But Tanaka says that Square Enix is trying to reach an agreement with Microsoft to allow Xbox 360 players to enjoy the game, saying the developer is still "considering" the platform.

For now, however, you're going to need either a "high spec" PC or a PS3 to get your fix. What nobody's getting on any platform, however, is built-in voice communication. Square's keeping Final Fantasy XIV strictly text chat only—Sage Sundi, global online producer, suggested that Skype and Ventrilo are still your best bets.

The game will ship in 2010 and support Japanese, English, French and German.

We'll have more FF XIV details soon.

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