What's Going On with Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Well...

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This summer, six years will have passed since Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first shown in trailer form. Talk about a long time.


As previously mentioned in Aug. 2011, Square Enix actually did not begin work then. By 2009, Square Enix showed gameplay footage, and now in early 2012, the game's designer, Tetsuya Nomura, is supposedly talking up FF Versus XIII in the latest Famitsu.


According to Nomura, the latest Final Fantasy Versus XIII images look more expressive than what was shown in last year's trailer.

Square Enix is increasing the number of real-time cutscenes in the game. Currently, the ratio of real-time to pre-rendered CG cutscenes is seven to three. Some scenes are pre-rendered, such as when Noctis Lucis Caelum meets Stella, when it doesn't interfere with the gameplay. At one time, this scene was rendered in real-time for a trailer.

"While we're not planning any sort of Final Fantasy Versus XIII event this year, I would like to do some sort of announcement," Nomura apparently said in a leaked Famitsu. Nomura that added instead of simply showing a new trailer, he wants to show the game running on game hardware.

Six years after its debut trailer.

『FFヴェルサスXIII』野村哲也氏:今年何らかの発表を行いたい。 [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]

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I really really wish they would change the name... It's going to be very hard to market ANOTHER game with the name XIII in it!