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Greenhouse Interactive, the digital distribution service run by the Penny Arcade guys, has a new take on in-game accomplishments and is now pitching it to indie developers. The Nitrogen Software Development Kit offers games the option of being enhanced with "triumphs" and "standings" — achievements and trophies of course, but just more achievement-y sounding.

"We recognize that gamers expect these features in standard retail games, so why not in indie games as well?" said Greenhouse's Vlad Ceraldi. "But, in a crowded gaming world of achievements and trophies, it's inevitable that all of the good words are gone. We've just snatched the last few that make any sense, so 'good luck' to anyone else looking to offer something similar."


The actual news, points out Greenhouse's Robert Khoo, is that this is likely the first in-game awards system for games on Mac and Linux. The first game to get the treatment is Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode Two. Greenhouse Unveils Nitrogen Software Development Kit! [Greenhouse Forums, via Joystiq]

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