What's Behind The Nintendo Curtain?

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What that at Nintendo's E3 booth? A flower, a coin and question boxes.

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Those all look familiar. We really wish we could remember where we saw them before. OH, RIGHT.

Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported that Nintendo would be releasing a new Mario game by the end of the year. Whatever this is, it seems to be on the Wii.

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Nintendo Booth Photos [IGN via NeoGAF]


Tim Rogers

you know, i really hope

1. the mario game for the wii is much better / conceptually "purer" than mario galaxy (no gimmicky shit, no fetchy missions, just solid running and jumping fun)

2. they go ahead and announce a new super mario bros. 2 for the DS.

#2 might not be a possibility, however, seeing as the original only sold ten million fuckin' copies for god's sake


my trademark crazy prediction for this particular scenario is that this new mario for the wii will be either a 2D game or a straight-up 3D "remake" or super-oldschoolization of the original super mario bros., because, you know, mario galaxy was not exactly as popular as new super mario bros. or wii fit (stating statistical fact here)

my "prediction" is, yes, as always, just kind of a projection of my deepest wishes!