Report: New Mario Game, Online Wii Fit Plus For 2009

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Nintendo will release Wii Fit Plus, recently trademarked in Japan, and a new Mario game later this year, both for the Wii, according to a report from Japan's regularly reliable Nikkei newspaper.


According to the report, the follow up to the 18 million unit selling Wii Fit will come with online functionality, allowing Wii Fit Plus users to compete with friends and family. We'll presume that means sharing your Wii Fit Plus work out data across the internet, as opposed to being stored locally only.

The Nikkei also makes mention of more accurate measurements in Wii Fit Plus, which could possibly come from the addition of Nintendo's new and similarly named Wii MotionPlus controller accessory.

More vaguely, the Nikkei writes that Nintendo has plans to release a new Mario title by the end of the year. That might not come as a surprise, as Nintendo head honcho Satoru Iwata dropped word at last year's E3 that the Mario and Zelda development teams were hard at work on new Wii games.

Whether that will be a marquee title on par with Super Mario Galaxy or something in which Mario doesn't play a starring role, we'll likely find out on Tuesday when Nintendo holds its E3 press conference.


Nintendo Releasing New Wii Fit This Fall [Nikkei - subscription required]


Ashlee Kelly

If this is a proper Mario game (as in a platform title, not a crappy sports spin-off) then Nintendo have redeemed themselves in my eyes. Galaxy was the best game I've ever played, so any follow up to that will go down well :)

I've got a feeling it will be a sports game though :(