On the 7th of April this year, Nintendo registered trademark #2009-026024 with the Japanese Patent Office. For something called "Wii Fit Plus". Hrm. What ever could it be?

The mind boggles.

While companies trademark stuff all the time that means bupkis, we're a little more interested in this because it has a nice, formal logo attached (pictured above). Which tends to suggest that, far from being a "crazy idea" patent, this is something that Nintendo are actually working on.

Oh, and if you remember, April is also when something called "Wii Fit Plus" started appearing on the databases of European retailers.

With E3 right around the corner, who'd like to wager that, amongst the games, Nintendo take a minute or two to outline plans for an imaginatively-titled sequel (or expansion) to one of their biggest-selling (18 million and counting) titles of all time?


UPDATE - Analysts at financial powerhouse Macquarie "understand" that "WiiFit Plus will be launched at E3, which will be sold separately from the board and in a bundle and will capitalise on the 17m existing WiiFit users." Understand is such a funny word. It can mean "we have heard", or it can mean "we're just taking a punt, and really have no idea".


[via Siliconera]