What's Atari Bringing To Games Convention?

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Well, this sucks. Atari says the company plans to "turn up the summer heat" at the Leipzig Games Convention this year. Unfortunate, because the Leipziger Messe can get pretty sweaty, something Fahey and I aren't going to appreciate when we're perspiring pure Pilsner. How's Atari affecting climate change in Leipzig this year? Hot(t) games, of course! They'll be showing lots of stuff, including What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver for Nintendo DS, My Horse and Me 2 for Wii and DS, The Witcher Enhanced Edition and Alone in the Dark for the PlayStation 3. If that's not already giving you pit stains, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit will also be there, increasing the spiked hair factor by 9000 percent. Hopefully, Phil Harrison will be there and we can creep him the fuck out one more time. For the full list, hit the press release, after the jump.

ATARI TURNS UP THE SUMMER HEAT AT GAMES CONVENTION 2008 - Atari Storms the Glass Walls of the Leipziger Messe with a Blistering Line Up of Games for Everyone from Anime to Action Adventuring, Family Fun to Fast Cars - LYON, FRANCE – 8 August 2008 – Once again the thrill-hungry gamers of Germany and beyond will descend on Leipzig this August 21-24 to feast at Games Convention 2008, and Atari will be there in Hall 5, Stand G21 with plenty of gaming goodness for everyone. Included in the line up are a number of first play exclusives including from shopping to chopping in What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver for Nintendo DS™, the next stage in Atari's equestrian simulation series My Horse and Me 2 for Wii and DS, The Witcher Enhanced Edition which takes the award winning role-playing experience to the next level of perfection, and the equally enhanced Alone in the Dark for PLAYSTATION®3. Fans of anime ninja action will be able to get their hands on the largest ever selection of playable ninjas in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 for PlayStation®2, as well as the awesome Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm for PLAYSTATION®3 which takes the Naruto experience beyond the anime series for the first time. Recently released blockbuster Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit for PLAYSTATION 3 will also be there to remind Naruto that he's not the only kick ass anime fighter in town. For a break from all the anime fighting, visitors to the booth can get physical in real time with Family Trainer for Wii, featuring loads of fun mat-based games to get more than just the thumbs moving. Budding equestrians can indulge their horse care and riding fantasies with My Horse & Me 2 for Wii and DS with its new story and gameplay modes. Anyone with a love of good food should spend some quality time with What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver for DS, although it's anyone's guess whether the food on offer in Leipzig will satisfy you once Jamie's gourmet creations have got your mouth watering. Guests over 18 looking for some action and adventure can try their hand with The Witcher: Enhanced Edition which takes the adventures of Geralt to the next level with a host of game improvements and additional content. Lucky visitors will also get the chance to be the first in the world to try out Eden Games' innovative action adventure Alone in the Dark on PLAYSTATION 3 featuring a number of gameplay enhancements to make the journey more unmissable than ever. Legendary for PC will let FPS fans indulge in the ultimate fantasy battle of man Vs. myth as they find out how much firepower is really needed to take down a giant winged griffon. Stepping up a gear, Atari invites visitors to put their foot down with GTR Evolution for PC and RACE Pro for Xbox 360, which is the first time Simbin's formidable expertise in driving simulation has come to console. Featuring unparalleled physics and handling, championships including WTCC, Formula 3000 and Formula BMW, plus a wealth of cars including GT and production models, nothing gets closer than RACE Pro, and to make sure of it Simbin and Atari are bringing the RACE Pro Pit Lane to Games Convention. Located outside the halls in area A03/1, the RACE Pro Pit Lane is comprised of the RACE Pro truck hospitality area which is currently touring Europe at WTCC race meetings. As well as the game itself, real competition cars will be on display, including a BMW and Dodge Viper, to bring aspiring drivers even closer to the real experience. Expect all this and more as Atari brings its gaming goodness to Games Convention this August 21-24 in Leipzig Germany. For information about Atari's entire product line up visit www.atari.com.


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Absent Blue

It's supposed to be over 9000 for the ridiculous DBZ fan reaction.

But yeah, only Naruto and DBZ are interesting. Rereleases of Witcher and AitD ain't much to get excited over. And those other games are... well that's even less to get excited over.