Over the weekend, pro gamers Daigo Umehara and GamerBee put Street Fighter 5 through its paces. According to some, its leisurely paces. Cue the unhappy folks.

The recently announced Street Fighter 5 is still early in development. From the looks of this gameplay footage, it sure seems like it. Even with two of the greatest Street Fighter players around, Daigo and GamerBee, Twitter and YouTube users are calling the game "slow," "sluggish," and "awkward."


Be aware that not all the comments were hating on the game. Feel free to watch the clip, which Kotaku previously posted, right here and judge for yourself.

Here are comments via Twitter:

And YouTube:

This isn't anything new. When the game was demoed at the Capcom Cup last December, there were also similar complaints.


Speed wasn't the only thing drawing the ire of folks online. In the recent playthrough, GamerBee had Chun-Li spam fireballs.

This SF5 addition makes Chun-Li seem overpowered, which was pointed out by some commenters on Reddit:

And here is fighting game community site Event Hubs:

Don't fret. There is still plenty of time for Capcom to balance Street Fighter V, ease the hate, and keep the game out of the public's eyes until it's ready.

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