What You Call C3PO And R2-D2 When You Don't Know Star Wars

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Belated Halloween

Long rough weekend with brief and traumatic baby scare, but the tyke seems fine now. Went to the doctor and hasn't had any further breathing issues. Doctor said it was something we should keep an eye on because it could happen again...

Halloween was great — the kids in the neighborhood went trick or treating, which is the first time I've ever seen it in Japan. I do think the holiday is getting bigger and bigger each year. Hey, candy and cosplaying, that's an easy sell for Japan.


There were some bright spots, too! Like, when Mrs. Bashcraft asked me why Yoda and the other "monsters" in Star Wars were on the same "team" and out to "kill" Luke Skywalker.

She's never seen Star Wars! But I can tell you right now: That plot like is far more interesting than any of the newer films Lucas made... She started asking me about the robots, the gold one and the one who "looks like a garbage bin". She's heard their names, but didn't know what they were really.

During the course of the conversation, she came up with a laundry list of names she thought were correct, but sadly are not.

For C3PO:
C2AL, CPR, CUP, CPU, CPA2, C3O3, C323, CCO2 and CO2.

For R2-D2
APC, APL, AP-AM, AM-PM, AL2 and A2-B2.

Yes, in my wife's head, Star Wars is about a small green monster who teams up with other monsters to take on the humans who are friends with the robots CUP and AM-PM. Awesome.


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Rachel Fogg

I'm certainly happy that the baby is okay, breathing scares are the WORSE! Do you think it might be asthma?

Oh my....she's never seen Star Wars? Well this is an interesting development, you can show her the first movies...make it a family thing.

I never knew that Halloween wasn't as super popular over there in Japan then America. I thought it was on the same level, ironically, I've been seeing ALOT more young kids cosplaying then wearing the vampire or ninja costumes.

A little boy was dressed up as Ichigo from Bleach LOL! He had the little hollow mask and everything! I gave him extra candy when he shouted 'Bankai!'

So effin cute. #nightnote