What Wii Hype Shortage Ploy? Huh?

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Nintendo uses forced shortages to create hype? Oh, that's rich. Why would Nintendo ever do that? Points out Nintendo's Dervin Camden:

The fact is that we have put far more product on store shelves worldwide than our competitors. The difference is that in a very short time we have far outpaced their total sales... There is no benefit to Nintendo in not having enough product on the shelves to allow everyone who wants one to be able to buy one, which begs the question, 'Why don't you just make more?' Please understand that the Wii console is a complex electronic device featuring one-of-a-kind components from different suppliers around the world. Many things factor into our being able to effectively increase assembly and shipment of a product without compromising quality control.


Exactly. I mean, if the Wii was hard to get and the demand for it was huge, why would that ever benefit Nintendo?
Wii Shortage Is No Hype [GameRush via Infendo]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@NoBullet:No, they aren't. Think before you post.

@Sailorcancer:Are you done trolling Nintendo topics yet or do we have to wait for Ban Monday to get peace?

@Raikkenon: Think before you post.

@Duscrom: Stop spewing tired old memes. They aren't funny and make you look stupid.


@Komrade_Kayce:Nintendo has had long long running issues when it comes to it's supply pipeline for years. You also have to remember that the big box stores get a much larger share of the various system shipments then Gamestop and other retailers. That could explain it.

Microsoft also own's it's on plants. Nintendo leases. Microsoft and Sony can in a heartbeat always get more systems in the pipeline then Nintendo can and if a plant isn't needed, they can re-tool it or sell it off. Nintendo however is not that blessed. One big reason supply is restrained is even Nintendo has no idea when the active buying of systems is going to slow down and they do not want a backlog of systems sitting in warehouses, it's bad stuff.

@KirbyMorph:Think before you post.