What Was Your Best Pokémon Victory?

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Maybe it was at a tournament. Maybe you were 12, up against an adult, or 12 and managed to exact your revenge on the jerk in your 7th-grade class. Maybe you were on your last legs (or whatever appendages make up your Pokémon of choice) before magically pulling in with the win.

If you’ve got a great Pokémon victory story (Magikarp wins welcome), share it below. I’ll round up the best ones to share later. Pick any battle from any title from the series. Just make us feel like we were there!

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I was on a road trip with my younger cousin at about 13 years old. He was talking shit about how good his pokemon were in Emerald and how he had gotten all the best ones. Of course they were terrible, and after failing to beat the elite four after the fifth time, he hands me the game. His best pokemon was a level 35 Blaziken, and it was only through massive amounts of luck, potions, full restores and a Wailmer that I managed to pull out a win and beat the elite four for him. And as he was watching the credits, I turned off the game, resetting his progress to before they were beaten. Took him a while to get over that.