What Was SEGA's Biggest Seller Of The Past Nine Months?

SEGA has had a tough past nine months. But haven't we all? There were bright spots.

During the first three months of this fiscal year, net sales were down 7.7 percent compared with the same period last year.


"In the home video game software industry, the demand was generally weak in the U.S. and European markets due to the headwind like sluggish personal consumption," stated SEGA. "Further penetration of the current generation of game platforms with price revision and market revitalization in accordance therewith are expected in the future."

The big bright spot in SEGA's home console business during the past three quarters was Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, which moved 5.67 million copies in the US and Europe.

The other strong seller was action title Bayonetta, which has sold 1.1 million copies worldwide. Football Manager 2010 sold 740,000 copies for the PC and PSP in US and Europe, while PSP game Phantasy Star Portable 2 sold 540,000 copies in Japan. Bravo! SEGA appreciates your business.

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