What Ware Did You Buy For Your DSi?

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Nintendo launched the DSi here in North America this weekend, and with it a batch of free DSi Store points for people to use to pick up a free game or two.


Personally, I haven't been all that impressed with the so-far small selection of games currently available for download, though the free web browser is nice. If I didn't already have a DSi, I would probably be holding off until some killer app landed for the new portable.

But with those free points burning a hole in my virtual pocket, I just had to go out and spend most of them and I'm pretty sure most of you new DSi owners did too. I picked up Bird & Beans and WarioWare: Snapped! neither of which really blew me away.

What did you do with your points?


Zak T Duck

DSi Browser was a given considering it was a freebie. I also picked up Art Style Aquite (as it's called over the right hand side of the Pond), Art Style Code, Pyoro and Paper Plane. I avoided Wario Ware considering the early reviews have been quite critical that it's only just slightly more than a tech demo, when it works.