Oh dear. Seems video game movies are having a really bad time of it as always as of late. Angry Birds got fried. The Warcraft movie and its orcs apparently have no real bite. Ratchet and Clank needed fixing. And I’m running out of even more terrible ideas to use in this word play exercise.


The last time I saw a video game related movie it wasn’t Pixels, I can tell you that. Honestly, I don’t even remember! I stay away from them for the most part.

But if I wanted a movie to be made from a video game franchise, I think we should go with... Neko Atsume. Because it’s so simple and silly. And we’re kinda living it already. The world loves cats. What could possibly go wrong!?

No, really. Don’t answer that.

While we’re waiting for Assassin’s Creed’s potentially stealthy take down of the big screen (oh hey! I had one more bad word association left in me after all!), tell us, Kotaku readers: What video game would actually make a good movie? Any video game movie you actually enjoyed?

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