A blocked out level of Uncharted 4 (via designer Emilia Schatz)

Ever wanted a glimpse at what games like Uncharted 4 and Titanfall look like before they’re finished?

During production on a video game, level designers work with what they call “greyboxes,” or rough layouts that use ugly geometric models to determine the outlines of each level before they make everything pretty. To celebrate these greyboxes (or whiteboxes, or block meshes, or the 4,000 other names that level designers use across the video game industry), Naughty Dog designer Michael Barclay started a Twitter hashtag called #blocktober for people to share their work.

Unlike most Twitter hashtags, this one is good. Check out some of the cool level meshes that level designers are sharing:

Payday 2 (via Jason Mojica)


Titanfall (via Jason McCord‏)

Gears of War 4 (via Nic Wechter)


Blacklight (via Rick Lesley)

Uncharted 2 multiplayer (via Kurt Margenau)


Sniper Elite 4 (via Beck Shaw)

Tacoma (via Kate Craig):


Uncharted Lost Legacy (via Nicholas Lance)

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (via Andrew Crawshaw)


For more, check out the hashtag.