What 'Twitch Plays Pokémon' Says About Humanity

Despite the chaos of having thousands of people try to control a single Pokémon game, one thing was was certain about the end of the first run of 'Twitch Plays Pokémon'—it was damned inspirational and thought-provoking. Lots of folks were skeptical that finishing the game was even possible.

Lots of comparisons were made. The entire thing was like the US government, it was a microcosm of the internet at large, it represented certain politics, it was a giant social experiment—on and on. PBS Idea Channel delves into the many philosophical ideas we can extrapolate from the entire event and its players, and it's a fascinating watch.


Personally, I'm not as interested in the loftier ideas about the message we can take from TPP—I just love communal passion about media and I especially like Pokémon. But if it gives you hope for humanity or something, sure—great!

What did you take away from Twitch Plays Pokémon?

Does Twitch Plays Pokemon Give You Hope for Humanity? [PBS Idea Channel]

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