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What This Man Really Wanted Was To See Breasts In 3D

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Senran Kagura aims to please. So does game designer Kenichiro Takaki. According to Takakai, what inspired the game is probably what will inspired players to buy it: boobs.

In a post over on the game's official site, Takaki, who also developed PSP game Half-Minute Hero, talks about how this is the age of 3D games. Takaki recalls back to last spring when he first began work on his new project.


"I started to think about what I wanted to see in a game on the Nintendo 3DS and within thirty seconds, I came up with it," he writes. "It was boobs."


This shouldn't be surprising as Takaki refers to himself as the "Bakunyu producer" with "bakunyu" meaning "huge boobs" or literally "exploding breasts". This moniker is due to all the chesty characters that appear in his games.

This now makes me wonder where where the title Half-Minute Hero came from...

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