What the Hell is Sonic Doing in a Car Insurance Ad?

This is appropriate. Every time I'm out speeding around and run into something, I feel like I've lost all my rings, too.

Apparently Progressive Insurance is starting an ad campaign featuring Sega's mascot getting a scolding from Flo (cosplayed at DragonCon 2010.) Why exactly, who can tell. If they actually took a look at Sonic's driving record in something like, oh, City Escape, I'm pretty sure his premium would be about $623. Per hour.

And OMG CONTINUITY ERROR: This is Modern Sonic, yet he remains mute like Old Sonic. Looks like Progressive did the discount double-check* and didn't want hire voice talent for him.


(*Yes, I'm aware that's a competitor's slogan.)

[h/t Jesse M.]

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Hmm, Nathan Drake promoting sandwiches, Sonic promoting car insurance, what's next?