What Tecmo Used To Do To Easy Games....

Back in the day, games used to be hard — especially Tecmo's games. Before difficulty options became standard, Tecmo was making the most impossible games it could. What did Tecmo do to easy titles it developed?

"Tecmo had the philosophy that the user would throw a game away if it wasn't hard enough," says former Tecmo, current Namco Bandai producer Hideo Yoshizawa. "So we made games really hard. Nowadays, a lot more people play games, so we ramp up the difficulty much more gradually. We want everybody to be able to play it and get good at it."


Thank goodness for the difficulty options! (Though, Tecmo still makes hard games.)

What Happened to the Way of the Ninja? Tecmo's Change in Philosophy [Kombo via GoNintendo]

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