This is what it looks like when expert Smash Bros. players are at the helm.

There’s a lot going on when someone’s playing a game at a high level, and it’s unlikely that you’re going to spend much time watching everything that’s happening with their hands.

YouTube channel Beefy Smash Doods, however, has made visualizing this very easy. They’ve gone ahead and mapped the inputs for the final match at this year’s EVO tournament.

If you’re a Smash aficionado and are wondering why it seems like there aren’t more inputs, it’s because they very specifically didn’t include things like DI (directional influence). What’s that, exactly? I’ll let the Smashpedia explain it for you.

Directional Influence, or DI for short, is a technique that allows a player to control where they are launched or where they move around in a combo, such as a Smart Bomb or Meta Knight’s Mach Tornado. It can help characters live to ridiculously high percentages.


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