What Sells First?

To: Luke From: Owen So as I mentioned elsewhere, week 2 of (full-time) unemployment saw the fire sale of games. I actually managed to get rid of Star Wars: Republic Commando and Call of Juarez, for God's sake. Pricing everything to move helps, but now I'm down to three, and I'm not sure paying someone to take these would get them off my shelf. Plus, they're listed for $13 combined, which is about $15 more than their net worth. Let's take a look at the leavings:• Spore Creature Creator, for the Mac, no case: $5 — Picked up in June at the Apple Store when I bought my bluetooth keyboard and Mighty Mouse, making this a hat trick of completely useless and unrecommendable purchases. Plus it's a Mac game. Mac users would only play a video game if it involved 20 players who all finished with the same score and sang a Fat Albert song of unity and peace at the end. • Ultimate Spider-Man (for original Xbox): $1 — Eddie Murphy memorably equated herpes with luggage, as things you never got rid of. That was 1984. You can add video games to that list 25 years later. I think this was my first GameFly pocket veto from 2005, the one I got in my queue for some damn reason and then said, OK, I like Spidey, I'll keep it and beat it later. Three years hence it's still on me like a canker sore. • FIFA 08 without a box or instructions: $7 — What's worse than an outdated sports title? An outdated sports title with no case. An outdated sports title with no case or instructions. An outdated sports title with no case or instructions about a sport for which most in North America don't give a green goddamn. • Manhunt 2 for PSP: $10 — I preordered this for some reason. Yes, I did. I've never even put it in my PSP. Wow. Someone actually just picked this up. Kids, I'm not making this up. These are actually for sale in the conditions described. So ... which gets sold first? (If ever?) YOU MAKE THE CALL ...!


Update: Ultimate Spiderman was bought Monday by someone in Arizona. And I am fresh out of crack. While you're voting and debating, here are the weekend highlights: PlayStation@Home Goes All Hic-a-doo-La Lootathon Results in Epic Banning Blizzard Celebrates World Of Warcraft's 4th Anniversary With Baby Bears Columnist: Ninty Gets Some Blame For Crappy Wii Titles, Too Editorial Calls for Aggressive Obama Intervention in Growing Games Industry [Updated] Suck at Guitar Hero? Buy this Robot



6 people have voted for crack here...myself included...wow...