What’s the impression you get from the Kotaku staff? If I were to compare them to anything it’d be a typical family, with us as the pets :P The majority of the staff are the kids who kept pestering their parents til they finally caved and let them get some pets (us). Generally everyone shares the task of looking after them equally and we all have our own favourites. Luke’s occasional flame-bait posts being akin to teasing the pets because he’s a little bored, Bashcraft sneaks down at night to sneak us some extra food, and Owen takes us for walks on weekends. AJ is the enthusiastic little sister and the Mikes are the older brothers who pretend they aren’t as interested in the pets but still take good care of them. Crecente and Totilo are the long suffering parents, who have to look after the pets when the kids’ interest wanes temporarily, as it is wont to do. Their care is perhaps a bit more methodical and deliberate than that of the children, but all the more appreciated because of it. Leigh is the big sister who’s gone away to university, but whenever she comes back home for the holidays all we all crowd around her like she’s Snow White in the forest and get attention lavished on us for a little while. Tim is the friendly uncle who is kind of a little crazy but we all like him anyway because he has nice snacks and surprises in his pockets that he likes to share. What do you think, strangely fitting or am I just a little crazy? I’ve even got a mental image of some of the more prolific commenters, like Arch as the grumpy old dog set in his ways and Lily as something small, hyperactive and lovable, like a ferret.


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