What’s the coolest competitive gaming moment you’ve ever seen? (Other than EVO Moment 37, of course!) Kotaku is working on a documentary series highlighting the performances of great players in tournaments, speedruns, and other areas of competitive gaming. So, what’ve you seen? What would you like to learn more about? We’re ready to go behind the scenes.


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I would say the entire top 32 of last year’s (2014) Blazblue EVO Championship is a must watch.

It had a huge variety of characters, very wide array of play styles from its players, some of the most insane comebacks in fighting game history, ton of drama even in the top 32 brackets, graced by the creator of Blazblue and finished in a legendary way with one of the nuttiest comeback of the tourney.

If there is a one tourney someone should try to catch as a whole, it is that one.