What Race Will You Play in Skyrim?

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It's something I debated for weeks, and even after making the decision for the first time playing the game, I was already ready to second-guess myself and try something different on PC. There are a ton of different races to play in the game, and the stat bonuses that each one allows shouldn't go overlooked. They feel more consequential than in Oblivion, and after you choose, you can't go back!


(Well actually, there's probably some magic hidden somewhere in the world that lets you change yourself. Who knows? Have I mentioned that this game is the size of a small planet.)


Anyhow, for our week-ending open thread, I thought I'd throw the question out to you. What race are you playing in Skyrim? Is the northern setting making you consider playing as a Nord? Would your normal preference of Kajit just feel too out-of-place?

Damn it all, reading this list of character attributes, I almost want to go re-roll yet again and be a Redguard. Will the second-guessing ever end?

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I'm playing the one that's attractive. Which is the snide way of saying none of them and I'm not playing Skyrim because Bethesda still has no idea what people who aren't hobos, lizards or cat men look like. Nor do they understand hair at all. Well, I'm not playing Skyrim because of that but it's a small reason. Really I just have no desire to play it and be lost in a generic fantasy landscape with a middling plot at best because it's "my adventure" but whatever. Nor do I care about the dozens of people who would likely reply just because I called part of the game not the greatest thing ever.

What I AM playing, is actually Modern Warfare 3. Which is probably hilarious because from my past Uezielogs, I am guessing that no one would guess that I play those games. But I do, even though I actually dislike most FPS games. I just like MW3 because it's extremely fast-paced (well, the way I play is) and arcadey. It's like the console version of Quake to me. I also don't really care about any graphical improvements or whatever the game is lacking. It runs at a super smooth framerate and that's the most important thing for me at this level of visuals.

Just to confuse people more, the other game I'm likely to play tonight/tomorrow is Atelier Totori.

Also I'll just say it. Skyward Sword leaked and I, and many other people, are likely playing it. I've seen fit to stop just after the main intro part of the game (where you do the contest) and now wait for my retail copy to show up. But really, I just want to say that it's everything it has ever needed to be and more. Never has the Zelda universe had such emotive characters. Zelda's face even goes above Wind Waker's faces. And the sword movements are everything I've ever wanted them to be. Beautiful game, mega hyped. But we'll put it away for now. No need to completely spoil myself. I'll delete the save file and start over, gold wiimote plus in hand next weekend and love every second.