What Percentage of Some Japanese People Own Blu-ray Playing Devices (Game Machines Included!)

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Remember that format war? Good fun. Blu-ray battling it out with HD DVD. Sony pinning its hopes and dreams for dominance on the PS3, while Microsoft released an HD DVD player for its console.


Now that the dust has settled and the reality has washed over me and you, let's see how this format war has turned out with an totally unscientific poll. In late November, members of the goo Research monitor group were asked about Blu-ray and HD DVD in an online questionnaire. A little over half of those polled were male and ages ranged from teens to over 60 years old. Let's look at the data:

Which of the following movie recording and playback devices do you have? (Sample size = 1,081, multiple answer)

VHS video recorder: 68.0 percent
DVD player (including games machines): 66.4 percent
Hard disk and DVD recorder/player: 36.0 percent
Hard disk only recorder/player: 12.3 percent
Blu-ray recorder/player (including games machines): 6.3 percent
HD DVD recorder/player (including games machines): 3.4 percent
None of the above: 4.4 percent
Don't know: 0.8 percent

FASCINATING. Not surprising that DVD playing game machines are so prevalent. We would've thought that Blu-ray would be doing a little better though... But hey, Sony probably thought the same thing. We're not alone.

Blu-ray ドライブより HD DVD ドライブ所有者が多数、買い換え意向は1割半ば [japan.internet.com via What Japan Thinks] [Pic]


Yep, numbers are around what I'd expect... with exception of VHS maybe.

I thought japanese would usually get rid of stuff they don't use anymore.

Unless they made a very biased research, which is possible with a sample this small.

Blu-ray though, is still only people with big Home Theater setups will be willing to spend money on.

Really. I wouldn't buy a Blu-ray player not even if I had a TrueHD setup (which I don't).

Quality is better, yes, but I don't have the money to rebuild my DVD collection, I'm fine with watching movies with my PSP, and I just can see my money better spent on other stuff.

Blu-ray will only get my attention when cheap recorders and cheap media comes out. 'till them, good luck with the crisis Sony.