Nothing gets a Staturday night party going like every sound effect in the original Super Mario Bros. all at once. Looped. For 12 hours.

I‚Äôve been listening to YouTuber crysknife007‚Äôs ‚Äúcomposition‚ÄĚ for about 20 minutes now, and I can feel my brain scrambling about in my head trying to catch every last drop of it. It‚Äôs impossible to concentrate on anything while it‚Äôs playing, yet very hard to compel myself to stop. Trying to pick out a single melody is like trying to catch a speeding train and getting your arm torn off, only it‚Äôs pieces of your mind.

It‚Äôs enough to get a guy to have ‚Äúdamaged‚ÄĚ tattooed on his forehead.