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Natalie Dormer plays Margaery Tyrell on the Game of Thrones TV series. She recently went to her first ever nerd convention, so was suitably warned: there will be people cosplaying there. As you.


"That was my first convention, my virgin convention experience,” she tells Entertainment Weekly. “Other members of the crew and cast said, ‘Someone will come up to you dressed like your character. It’s going to happen and it’s going to blow your mind how weird and amazing it is.’ And it happened."

"A girl came up to me completely dressed like Margaery and I was fascinated because she’d really studied the detail of the costume. Obviously, I know the real costume inside out, but the pleating and the detail of the embroidery and the necklace she was wearing was so accurate. It was terrifyingly accurate how well the fan base knows you and your costumes. It’s the biggest compliment you could hope to get."

"I was looking at her plunging neckline and going, ‘You must be cold. I know what that feels like."

Natalie Dormer on her 'Game of Thrones' costumes: 'My breasts don't naturally sit in that position.' [EW, via Fashionably Geek]

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