What is Square Enix's Heroes of Ruin for Nintendo 3DS?

Well, it's so far (officially) unannounced, but quick mention of Heroes of Ruin and a single piece of artwork from the game appeared on the developer's Facebook page earlier today. That developer would be Orlando-based n-Space.

That's the development team behind Gamecube game Geist and numerous Nintendo DS games based on the Call of Duty, James Bond and Star Wars franchises. They posted (and rather quickly pulled) the artwork below, which was spotted by Tiny Cartridge. Heroes of Ruin was listed for the Nintendo 3DS and obviously features guns, swords, polearms, midriff-bearing warrior ladies and lots of angry faces.


It's a reasonably safe bet to expect eye-melting stereoscopic 3D action and weapons hitting things or people. Informative, I know.

Here's the artwork in full:

I'm getting an action-RPG vibe, thanks in no small part to Square Enix's fondness for publishing gobs of role-playing games for Nintendo handhelds.

Is this an E3 2011 reveal revealed just a bit too early?


Heroes of Ruin, a new game coming to 3DS from Square Enix and n-Space [Tiny Cartridge]

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