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Australia's game rating board has announced the arrival of Nintendo's Rock N' Roll Climber, maybe a bit earlier than the publisher was probably expecting. Sadly, details are slim, even for a governmental video game rating.


Development duties on Rock N' Roll Climber are credited to Vitei Inc. They're a relatively young development studio based out of Kyoto, responsible for the Japan-only Theta, a Nintendo DS game that was released in 2007. But their pedigree reaches back a bit further.

Vitei was founded by Giles Goddard who had previously worked on titles like 1080° Snowboarding, Star Fox and Super Mario 64.


Goddard said in an interview last year that Vitei was hard at work on a WiiWare game, originally planned for a September 2008 release that used the Wii Balance Board for controls. Whether that's Rock N' Roll Climber, though, remains to be seen. Australia's OFLC doesn't list a release platform.

Siliconera questions whether Rock N' Roll Climber is a sequel to Ice Climber for the NES. Sounds like a possibility, but we'll pester Nintendo to find out.

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