What Is Nintendo's Game Plan?

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Nintendo offered a look behind the curtain, a peek at how the company operates. In its financial earnings, the Kyoto-based game maker explained is mid-term and long-term strategy.


According to the company, Nintendo will continue to go after "Gaming Population Expansion" by "putting smiles on many people's faces by offering brand new entertainment that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age, gender or gaming experience."

DS-wise, Nintendo is positioning the portable as "a machine that enriches its owner's daily life". What's Nintendo's strategy? "Nintendo's strategy is to accelerate current sales momentum from 'must-have for every family' to 'must-have for everyone.'"

As the DS is supposed to be a "must-have for everyone", the Wii is planned to be "'a machine that puts smiles on surrounding people's face' while encouraging communication among family members in the living room and offering enjoyment of their 'new life with Wii'".

Nintendo says it will continue to offer packaged software and provide content via the Nintendo DSi Shop and the Wii Shopping Channel.

Then there's this: "In the challenging and competitive gaming industry, which consistently requires new and innovative products, Nintendowill strive to expand its business and increase revenue and profit by capitalizing on being the only hardware platform producer with powerful in-house software development teams."




I think the "sit on our hands and let everything work out by itself" game plan has been working perfectly well.

The PS3 tried to innovate with Home and look what happened (it sucks).

The 360 tried to innovate with...Xbox Live(?) and look what happened (it's full of 12 year olds).

Maybe everyone should sit back and chill. Change a few things here or there (DSi), update some stuff (HiCap SD Card update) and let things flowwwww.