Former Sonic the Hedgehog producer Yuji Naka has moved on from Sega to Prope, with his latest creation, Ivy the Kiwi?, coming to the Wii and Nintendo DS this summer, courtesy of XSEED.

Prope's Ivy the Kiwi? puts player in control of vines that help guide the eponymous lady bird to safety and to her mother, across spike-filled floors and "other menacing obstacles." Players won't control Ivy, she'll control herself. As one can see from the Wii screen shot above (and by referring to XSEED's official announcement), Ivy the Kiwi? also brings with it "a beguiling storybook-like art style." Why the question mark? It's an excellent question.

Expect more than 100 stages of feather-finding fun when Ivy the Kiwi? comes to North America this summer.