What Is Dragon Age: Origins Darkspawn Chronicles?

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The latest edition of Microsoft's Xbox Live Newsbeat newsletter lists a May 18 release date for the Dragon Age: Origins Darkspawn Chronicles downloadable content, which is interesting, as we've never heard of it.


What is the Darkspawn Chronicles? Microsoft's description of the downloadable content certainly doesn't help with an explanation, simply stating that the 400 Microsoft point download will "extend the life" of Dragon Age: Origins before launching into a generic description of the original game.

There's nothing on BioWare's Dragon Age website regarding the Darkspawn Chronicles either, leaving us nothing to do but speculate. I'm guessing that the Darkspawn will be involved, and there might be some chronicles, if we're lucky.

At 400 Microsoft points, the downloadable content is less expensive than both The Stone Prisoner and Warden's Keep, the two previously released DLC packs for the game. This could either mean the Darkspawn Chronicles is very light on content, or a great value. There's no telling.

We've poked our friends at BioWare for an explanation of the newly listed downloadable content. A representative responded with, "This hasn't been announced by EA."

Okay, we'll wait then.


Another expansion pack would've been preferred. The DLC missions are okay (apart from Return to Ostagar, that was garbage, and the items were so weak), but Awakenings was gold. Reminded me of the bygone days of gaming where you got more bang for your buck (unless you bought Sims expansion packs...).