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Yesterday we guessed that Lionhead's new front page, featuring a headshot of and quote from Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara, was perhaps a countdown to next week's GamesCom. Today's change on the site's front page seems to confirm that.


Visitors landing on Lionhead Studio's website are now greeted by the visage of Maximilien Robespierre, a key figure in the French Revolution. Gamers will also note that the number six that was subtly displayed next to Che's head has been replaced with a rather blatant number five today.

Peter Molyneux, no stranger to hype, seems to be preparing for some news, perhaps big news at next week's GamesCom. Five days from now Molyneux, Creative Director of Microsoft Game Studiosm, will, according to Microsoft, make a "special announcement."


Will it be for a revolutionary-themed game, or a game seen by Molyneux as revolutionary? Which ever it is, we'll be there live to break the news.

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