What in the H-E-Broken Hockey Sticks is Going On Here?

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EA Sports put up the first screenshot of NHL 11 on the game's official Facebook page, intending to drop hints about what it'll deliver. From the details of the frame, it looks like a new physics engine and broken sticks.


"All-New Real-Time Physics Engine in NHL 11" is the caption to the grab - manifested in this unidentified Blackhawk's asscheck of Pens winger Chris Kunitz. The broken stick adds a small touch of realism not accommodated until now. Obviously, that means EA Vancouver will have to program players to do something without them until they can get back to the bench for a new one.

Other commenters have said the arena background is upgraded but if so, it's a little subtle to me.

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You know a lot of gamers don't understand the need for these yearly updates, but I for one feel like these additions add so much to the game. From 09 to 10, adding the boardplay was a huge element to the game, and broken sticks will be interesting too. I can't wait to see what other tricks EA have up their sleeves.