We've seen the theme before: Video games, forsaking all outdoor activity to play them, can lead to obesity. Recently someone sent me a video, which does a great job of getting that message across. It also reminds me of this idea I had last year for a game that would use over-the-counter heart rate monitors to track your running ability and then port it into a first-person shooter. Can you imagine, a game where your character can only run as fast as you can? A game that would get you to go to the gym to improve character stats. Yes, I know there are plenty of devices out there that try to port over your physicality in real time, but I think the best way to do this is to pop in your real-life stats, so you don't have to be screwing around with weird controllers.

Alright, I'm totally calling you out video game industry, I want someone to come up with a mode for Call of Duty or Half-Life or some PC shooter that makes this happen. Get to it.

Check out the video on the jump.

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