What If Fallout 3 Was A Japanese RPG From 1987?

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Bethesda beats any potential fan-made Fallout 3demakes to the punch by creating its own for the Japanese Fallout website. It's all in Japanese, but old school role-playing is the universal language.


Or not. I can't understand a thing that's going on over at the Japanese game site. I can make out a couple of yes or no questions, but what I am agreeing to or denying is completely beyond me. If you read Japanese, feel free to go check it out and report back what you find. If you don't read Japanese, enjoy the pretty pictures and squiggly lines.

Update: Bethesda originally listed this as a Fallout: New Vegas demake on its blog, but then switched it to Fallout 3 shortly thereafter. Sneaky developers. We've updated the post accordingly.


The Official Fallout Japanese RPG Demake [Bethesda Blog - Thanks Adinnieken!]

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Fernando Jorge

It seems they are calling Fallout 3 a Freestyle RPG, am I correct about this?

Don't understand squat of Japanese, just guessing it. I think it is a marketing thing, japan's way of marketing Fallout to the japanese marketing. If there is one thing japanese games love are labels and definitions for everything.