What if Civilization's Catchy Theme Music Had Its Own Lyrics?

It would most definitely not sound like this.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be listening to Brentalfloss' attempt at adding them, just in time for the release of Civ V this month.


He says that the lyrics were "officially endorsed" by Christopher Tin, the original composer of Civilization's Baba Yetu.

It's catchy!

[Thanks Brent]



When I installed the later Civ IV expansion packs (Broken Sword, really, since I never play Warlords...) I was annoyed to find they'd cut Baba Yetu as the intro song in favor of a nondescript and wholly unremarkable bit of instrumental fluff. So I went into options and told the game to use the original Civ IV intro screen instead of the Broken Sword screen, just so I could hear Baba Yetu for the few seconds it takes me to start a new game. The original intro screen is kind of ugly and blue, and for some reason it runs off the top and bottom of my widescreen monitor, but at least it sounds better. It was an easier solution than digging around in the game files and swapping around and renaming MP3s.

I'll skip mentioning that Baba Yetu already has lyrics, since everyone in this entire thread seems to have already done so, independently. Instead I'll just say...huh?